In March of 1948, the Community Fire Company #1 of Seisholtzville, Pa., of Hereford Township of Berks County was organized after the need for a local fire company became apparent.

19 men who each donated one dollar started the Fire Company. In June of the same year the first fire engine, a 1929 Childs chain driven pumper was purchased which was housed in a garage in the rear of the former Himmelburger’s store. This engine remained in service until 1961.

The 50’s
August 1950 was the time when the Ladies Auxiliary was organized to assist the Fire Company with fundraising events. In 1955, the original firehouse was constructed. The 1950’s saw an average of 10 calls per year.

The 60’s
July 1960 the first 2-way radio system installed for better fire ground communication. Bingo also started in 1960. In 1961, the first tanker was received from the Civil Defense and the Childs pumper was replaced with the 1939 Autocar that remained in service through 1974 and is still owned by the Fire Company. In 1966, the firehouse grew by one bay. The 1960’s saw an increase in calls to the high twenties per year.

The 70’s
1974 was an important milestone for the Fire Company as the first brand new truck was purchased a 1974 Hahn custom pumper that replaced the Autocar and this engine remains in service this day. In addition, during the 70’s, the tanker was upgraded and a second tanker added along with a brush truck. The 70’s saw the calls increase into the mid thirties per year.

The 80’s
In 1986, the fleet again grew as a Mini-pumper was added to help assist the Hahn at smaller fires and automobile accidents. In 1987 the Company purchased pagers so the Fire Personnel could be reached faster and more effectively. The 1980’s saw calls in the 40’s per year.

The 90’s
The second new truck was purchased in 1991; International/Four Guys 4-wheel drive Midi-pumper. This unit replaced the Mini-pumper with more room for rescue and fire fighting equipment; not to mention the medical assist equipment carried onboard. 1992 the firehouse grew again by two bays and one bay closed to make room for offices. In 1993, Air Conditioning was added to our Social Hall. In 1996 the first new tanker was purchased, an International/Semo capable of carrying 2300 gallons of water and dumping in less than two minutes. Finally 1998 our 50th Anniversary. The station received a major face-lift to the exterior. In the 90’s, the Fire Company is running 80 to more than 100 calls per year.

The 2000's
As our Community needs change, the Fire Company must change to meet these needs, which the Fire Company is committed to do. In 2001 a KME Engine was added. With a six man cab and a 1500 gallon per minute pump it will be capable of serving the communities growing needs for many years.