AFA  919 Gravel Pike Rd

AFA 7594 Stein Rd

STRUCTURE FIRE  Huffs Church and Hunter Forge Rd

FIRE POLICE  24 St. Peters Rd

CMA  284 Walker Rd

MVA/UNK 1518 Huffs Church Rd

BARN FIRE 6 Terrace Ln


Hereford Twp: 2020 Tollgate Rd - MVA UNK INJURIES

Hereford Twp: 4 Apache Run - Lift Assist

Longswamp Twp: 8670 Hensingersville Rd. - Structure Fire

Herford Twp:   271 Wetzle Rd.- Tree Down

Longswamp Twp: 10 Stone Ave - SF Barn Fire

Hereford Twp: 3063 Seisholtzville Rd - SF Reported to be smoke in the basement

Hereford Twp: 169 Dale Rd - Tree down blocking the roadway

District Twp: Huffs Church Road @ Mary Ann Drive - Trees Down in Roadway

District Twp: 844 Delong Road - AFA

District Twp: Baldy Hill Road and Huffs Church Road - MVA W/ INJ